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With XCOM 2 launching this week on Xbox One and Playstation 4, the main question on everyone’s mind is; how does it run compared to the pc counterpart?

Oddly enough, Firaxis never released any gameplay footage of the console versions before launch which already raises a few red flags, however from what I’ve seen it’s not all that bad. Compared to the PC version, the game basically looks the same if not a bit better but my PC can only handle it at medium setting so from my perspective it did look better on Xbox One. Although looking at how to game performs on a high end system, the PC does look slightly sharper.

The game runs at 30FPS but I’ve seen a few dips and pop-ins, nothing too distracting though.  Loading times are more or less equal to what I had on the PC version but keep in mind that I do not have the most powerful rig out there. You still have your odd animation glitches which are unique to XCOM but the game doesn’t perform nearly as bad as the PC version did when it launched back in February.

Bringing a strategy game over to console, you always have that question of how a mouse and keyboard configuration will work on the console system but rest assured that playing with a controller feels smooth and easy. In fact, I prefer to use the controller so I wonder why Firaxis haven’t brought out controller support for the PC version?

It is important to note though that if you want the full XCOM 2 experience, in other words all of its DLC, then you’d be better off purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition on the Playstation or Xbox store as the disk version of the game does not include any DLC. You can purchase the DLC separately though but it’s cheaper to purchase it as a bundle.

Overall they have done a fantastic job porting the game over to consoles but it will be interesting to see how the game holds up during later mission which becomes more cluttered with enemies and debris.


Sony Denies MODS for Playstation 4

XCOM 2 Shen’s Last Gift – Review

Xcom 2 has been out for just over five months now and the sheer number of mods available for free, is rather impressive. Some mods have been average at best but there are those rare occasions when a creator designs mods which are on par of that from Firaxis.

The only problem with mods, are the fact that they do not add any narrative aspects to the game. The latest DLC for Xcom 2, Shen’s Last Gift, thankfully adds to the overall story of Xcom 2 and adds a whole new super-heavy soldier class.

Much like the cyborg units form Xcom Enemy Within, these Spark units allows for a variety of unlockable abilities which serves as mobile cover for your squad and can inflict some serious damage to the enemies. They wield heavy weapons, leap effortlessly up buildings and they’re immune to poison, fire and the Viper’s binds.


These Sparks are expensive and timely to manufacture but they’re very powerful on the battlefield. They do have their flaws however, as they cannot take cover and if they do take damage, only one Spark can be repaired at a time which takes longer than the normal soldier to recover so it would be unwise to have a squad of Sparks.

The story missions, which allows you to manufacture Spark units, are unique to Xcom 2 in such a way that there are three stages with a boss battle at the end. It was by no means an easy mission but it’s led by the playable Chief Engineer Lili Shen and it provides some details as to what happened with some characters from the previous Xcom games.

With the added narrative, new weapons and a brand new soldier, Xcom 2 Shen’s Last Gift is definitely worth purchasing at the full price. If you have all the current DLC of Xcom 2 installed, the early hours of the game might feel a bit crowded but luckily you can put off those missions until you feel ready to face them.